Our company, the Signalconcept Hornig GmbH, was founded as an independent trade mission of the company “Wandel and Goltermann communication technology GmbH” in 1995.


The company’s concept is shaped and built upon our longstanding experience in theelectronic signalling equipment and warning systems field for special vehicles.


In 1997, the warning system called “Wandel & Goltermann” became part of the the product range of the “Pintsch Bamag drive and traffic engineering GmbH.

Our main task is the distribution of electronic signalling equipment and warning systems, light beam systems, outline marker lights as well as other products of the Pintsch Bamag's merchandise. Furthermore, we have made it one of our priorities to advise our customers rapidly and professionally in case of failure or maintenance.


The past couple years have shown that the customer demands for special construction and assembly solutions for alarm systems, control panels and other components over the standardised signalling equipment and beacons is increasing.


Therefore, we started offering a special service in cable termination for original equipment manufacturer and vehicle manufacturer in1999. This service includes the development, product planning and adjustment of customised solutions.



Our customers are located in areas with following postal codes:


0xxx-2xxx, 30xx-34xx, 36xx-39xx, 49xx, 98xx-99xx.


Additionally, our client base consists of:

producers and suppliers of special vehicles such as:


  • police, customs, federal border force
  • rescue and ambulance services
  • fire services
  • special vehicles with yellow lights
  • Industrial beacons for flight control, building securityand danger prevention:
  • industrial beacons 230V yellow, red